Premarital counseling and wedding officiation

Madison, Wisconsin

Wedding officiation

Wedding ceremonies that reflect your shared values and celebrate your collective hopes.  

Premarital counseling

Engagement counseling to help you build a successful marriage that thrives through the years.  

Standing for love

Diversity of sexuality and gender is a gift. Get your LGBTQ-friendly premarital counseling and wedding officiation here.  

Rites of passage

Child dedication ceremonies, memorial services, vow renewals, and coming of age celebrations.  

Your wedding should fit

Here’s Wedding to Marriage’s idea of a kick-ass wedding ceremony:  One that nobody could have but you.

That happens when your officiant takes the time and makes an effort to get to know you.  Really know you.

  • What the marriage promise means to you
  • Your vision and hopes for your marriage
  • Why you’re marrying — and marrying each other
  • The values you hold as individuals and as a couple
  • The big and little rituals and quirks of your life together that hold meaning for you
  • How you want to feel during your ceremony
  • How you want to remember your ceremony years from now
  • What you want everyone in attendance to know about you two and why you’re marrying each other
  • What kind of experience you want your guests to have
  • What traditions you want honored in your ceremony
  • How you want your community of family and friends honored in your ceremony

We don’t do cookie-cutter weddings at Wedding to Marriage.  Because of the time we spend together in our wedding planning and premarital counseling meetings — and what we talk about — by the time your wedding day arrives, we will have crafted a truly special ceremony that is both deeply meaningful and pure delight.  One that honors what you hold dear, and also honors your wedding guests — from parents to pastors to friends who really only came for the party.  A kick-ass wedding ceremony.  A wedding that means everything to you.  A wedding that nobody could have but you.

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Your marriage should thrive

Nobody ever got divorced because their wedding wasn’t amazing enough.

That’s why, while a kick-ass wedding is a high priority for Wedding to Marriage, our top priority is helping your successful marriage get off to a great start.  That’s why we insist that premarital counseling be a part of the wedding planning for every couple we work with.  The approach we use has been proven to lower your risk of divorce.

Why premarital counseling is important

The time to find out that you and your partner don’t have quite the same long and short term goals about money is not when the new boat shows up in the driveway.  The time to discover that you and your partner have somewhat different practical parenting philosophies is not when your two-year-old is pitching a fit in the grocery store.  The time to discuss how many cats your household will support is not when your partner comes home with a bucket full of kittens.  You  shouldn’t wait until you’re in the middle of your first big fight to start polishing up your conflict resolution skills.

When you exchange vows with your beloved, you are promising to be there for all the changes.  Changes in jobs, health, finances, kids, energy, family, intimacy…  Some you will have planned for, some not.  Some will happen within your marriage, and some will exert pressure on your marriage from the outside.

There will be changes.  Premarital counseling can strengthen your readiness for navigating them together and thrive.

The biggest benefit of engagement counseling is the strength it gives your relationship for the long haul.  It builds up your communication skills and your problem-solving muscles.  It heads disillusionment off at the pass. You’ll find yourselves better prepared to respond to unexpected stressors with skill and confidence. You’ll get better at talking with one other about tough subjects, asking for what you want, listening with compassion, and facing challenges as a team.  

Premarital counseling:

  • Increases awareness
  • Exposes idealism
  • Enhances relationship skills
  • Strengthens problem-solving
  • Deepens communications
  • Reduces risk of divorce

Let us help you on your way into a kick-ass marriage.  Learn more…



Your ceremony should shine

Weddings celebrate.  What you love about each other. What cracks you up about each other.  What’s important about you.  What’s important to you.  The values that illuminate the life you have already built together and that will undergird the family you will build together, whatever shape that family takes.

Weddings celebrate the moment that two people take a leap of faith into the unknown tomorrow.  The hopes that brought you here.  The trust that will carry you into the future.

The marriage promise is a resounding YES to your future together.  We want to help you build a ceremony around that joyful YES that shines with laughter and light.

Say yes!

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