Evan and I had been together for six years when we got married and lived together for five, so, we knew each other pretty well.  Yet, premarital counseling with Vicky gave us a space to talk openly about practical issues such as our expectations in marriage, finances, decision making and conflict resolution. She steered us through issues that ultimately led to increased understanding and support of each other. During these sessions we were also able to craft a creative and meaningful ceremony with Vicky.

We are so thankful that Vicky served as our wedding officiant. She is hip, social and has a commanding presence. She speaks with love and emotion. Our ceremony was filled with laughter, tears of joy and truly meaningful moments. With Vicky’s help we were able to create a non-traditional ceremony that was meaningful for both us and our guests. 

Alexis & Evan

Married since 2013

The first wedding at which I cried. Such beautiful, beautiful touches. I loved all the spoken words, including the vows. I’ve yet to meet anyone “preach” if you will more beautiful words at a ceremony than Vicky Jones.

Errin Hiltbrand

Photographer, Errin Hiltbrand Photography

Alexis and Evan were married at the beautiful Hilltop in Spring Green.  They live in Madison with their son. They ride their bikes a lot.

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