Fifteen years ago, we met Vicky for the first time.  Guy and I were simply looking for a wedding officiant, and found that, but also got a thoughtful, patient counselor and life-long friend. 

I hadn’t expected to go through any sort of introspection before marrying, assuming I already knew how we meshed, but we were game for talking through our expectations, hopes and dreams.  In retrospect, what a gift it was to sit down with Vicky and not just plan a beautiful ceremony, but map out a life together.  I remember clearly saying something to the effect of “of course our relationship wouldn’t change with the arrival of children,” and Vicky, bless her heart, didn’t laugh hard and long. 

We are now almost twelve years in, with two children and four cats to call our own, the joys that come from a strong foundation.

Allison (with Guy)

Married since 2005


Allison and Guy, both ballroom dancers, literally danced down the aisle of the ballroom that hosted their wedding, and the reception that followed was a glorious whirl. If it seems that all of these pictures are a tad blurry, maybe it’s because Allison and Guy – and their family – are always in motion.
Wedding Rings

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