The very first time we met Vicky, she made us feel special and at ease.  It was immediately clear that this was not just a job to her – she genuinely wanted to get to know us, as individuals and as a couple, and she took significant care and time to do so.  Her questions were thoughtful and thought-provoking and her council and guidance assuring, yet she always gave us plenty of freedom to make creative choices to ensure our ceremony would “feel” exactly the way we wanted it to.  By the time our wedding day arrived, she was no longer just our officiant, it felt like a favorite aunt was marrying us. 

Vicky created a beautifully written ceremony full of heart and sincerity, both for our wedding and ten years later for our renewal ceremony.   And she did an excellent job of making sure our special day(s) were a success.   She even professionally and tactfully diffused a tense extended family issue that arose during our wedding rehearsal.  Then years later, she gracefully accepted the happy chaos of small children and a new puppy at our renewal

The years have blessed us with many moments that fill us with joy beyond measure, as well as a few significantly trying moments that have challenged us.  Through it all, our ceremonies remain important touchstones that remind us of the core ties that bind us and give us strength and perspective.  We are truly grateful to Vicky for helping make are ceremonies so special, and for giving us such excellent relationship advice that has served our marriage well. 

Karin & Matt

Married since 2005

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