Before our wedding, Vicky helped us think about and discuss how we would maintain a healthy marriage. The months before the wedding were frenzied with planning, so we looked forward to the days when we would sit down with her in a quiet space to talk about our relationship. She facilitated several important conversations that we may not otherwise have had!

Vicky spent time getting to know us and helped us determine what kind of wedding we wanted. She assisted with planning and coordinating too, giving us thoughtful suggestions but always allowing us the freedom to make our own choices. As a result, our ceremony was very personal and meaningful as well as beautiful.

Krista & Noah

Married since 2013

Like every couple, Krista and Noah brought to their wedding day their sweet hopes for the future.  But, instead of a unity candle ritual, they brought two jars of candy in their favorite colors to represent the individual strengths they would bring to their life together.  They chose candy because candy is for sharing.   

They poured the two colors together into a third jar to symbolize their shared future.  They left a little in each jar, though, because they knew that, although their two lives would be joined together, it would be their singular gifts,  sustained by their commitment, that would make their marriage thrive.

They live with their two little girls in Madison, WI.

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