When we chose Vicky to be our officiant we had no idea what an incredible gift she would give us by leading us through pre-marital counseling. She gave us many essential tools for communicating effectively and strengthening our relationship in order to have a successful marriage. She recommended several resources and exercises so that our learning could continue well beyond the wedding day.

Besides the wonderful wisdom she imparted, she made the entire experience so much fun. The wedding itself was beautiful, personal, and utterly perfect. She knew how to make the rehearsal and event itself run smoothly without making us feel controlled. She was a welcome member of the celebration and we owe so much to her. We would choose her a thousand times over.


Married Tyler in 2017

Leigh and Tyler’s wedding fit them perfectly. A true rite of passage, it marked the next step in a life-long journey for two best friends who have been sweethearts since they were children. The ceremony they designed was beautifully intimate, abundant in joy, laughter, and promise. Each of them had both women and men as attendants. Tyler’s wedding ring had been crafted by Leigh’s father in his motorcycle shop. Leigh, a sign language interpreter, enlisted the aid of some fellow signers, who interpreted the entire ceremony for Leigh’s deaf guests and attendants. Nobody else could have had this wedding but Leigh and Tyler, reflective in every way of their personalities and values as individuals and as a couple. It felt like a great big hug.

They live in Milwaukee with their daughter.

Yes, this is a four-layer Rice Krispie Treat wedding cake, built by Tyler’s mother.

Saying “Vicky Jones officiated my wedding” drastically understates her role in the process. A year before the wedding, my wife and I met with Vicky over lunch to discuss why we want to get married. From there she directed us through a program of reflection, discovery, and discussion that we follow today. She utilized her expansive knowledge of relationship dynamics, communication skills, and teaching skills to set up a system for us to refine our relationship.

This biggest lesson Leigh and I gleaned from our sessions with Vicky is the difference between what is comfortable and what we want. After the first session, we filled out a questionnaire on how we grew up and how we want our kids to grow up. From there we found that we both want our kids to grow up the same way, but that way is different from either of the ways we grew up. Now we have confirmed that the way to the lives we want is through careful decisions.


Married Leigh in 2017

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