Vicky was amazing to work with in planning our wedding and in the premarital counseling we did with her before we got married. She was thoughtful and so incredibly invested in us – individually and as a couple. We felt so respected, cared for, supported, listened to and honored through the entire process. Vicky created a heartfelt, unique wedding celebration for us because of all the prep work she did in getting to know us and who we were individually and as partners.  Vicky will always have a special place in our hearts for all that she did for us leading up to and on our special day.

Meg & Dan

Married since 2013

Gratitude is the hallmark of Meg and Dan’s relationship, and they opened their wedding ceremony the same way they begin dinner every evening, with a ritual of thankfulness.  Their children — Meg’s sons and Dan’s daughter — joined them at a low table, where everyone placed a stone in a bowl and expressed silently or aloud what they were grateful for on that day.  At the reception, their family and friends found bowls on every table and stones at every place, inviting them to share in a community expression of thanks.   The wedding and reception were a joyful flurry of profound gratitude, deep affection, loving laughter, and a ton of little kids.

Since then, Dan and Meg have added a daughter to their blended family, and they couldn’t be prouder of how their older children have taken to having a little sister.  Gratitude, family, and community are values they carry with them as a family.

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