Melissa and Red met playing flag football in Chicago in 2005.  They live in Madison with their two red-headed daughters and one very patient old dog.


We feel like we hit the jackpot on a whim when we found Vicky, with her magic touch and the care and consideration she put into developing a personalized and incredibly meaningful ceremony for us.  Vicky made our wedding day exactly what we had hoped for, and it remains one of the most vivid and positive memories for us.  We could write a book about how much we loved that day and how much we love her.  

We took the time to work with Vicky, and it was the best decision we made in all of our wedding planning.  Prior to the wedding, we had a series of meetings with Vicky over lunch; through these conversations, she helped us articulate our values, chew on important aspects of happy marriages, and establish an in-depth view of who we are as individuals and how our particular relationship ticks.  

Vicky was able to construct a ceremony that embodied our core beliefs, values and ideals.  Our ceremony was completely personalized, devoid of dogma and rich with prose, ancestry, ceremonial joining of families, music, heart and soul.  A kickass wedding ripe with meaning and substance was delivered in spades!

Melissa & Red

Married since 2008

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