Marriage is a living promise…

  • To reach for your potential as a loving being and…
  • To support your partner in his/her/their own reaching

We believe that…

  • Love is more than a feeling.  It’s a decision.
  • A wedding is not an end in itself.  It is a portal to marriage.
  • Marriage is important.  Every marriage should thrive.
  • Family is important.  Kids need their parents to be a strong team.
  • Community is important.  Friends and family help marriages thrive.
  • Productive communication is essential for strong relationships.
  • Marriage relationships are strongest when they are equalitarian.
  • Learning is good.
  • Beliefs should be informed by both heart and head.
  • Every person has inherent worth and dignity.

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This is me, Vicky Jones. I am an escort officiant.  My job is to guide couples on their journey from wedding to marriage. 

Counseling credentials

I am a certified as a facilitator of PREPARE-ENRICH.  I have benefitted from education by the Smart Marriage Institute, PREP, and the RELATE Institute. I have counseled dozens of couples.

I read a lot of books.  I listen to a lot of couples.  I grow every day.  I am a work in progress, just like the couples I work with.

Officiant credentials

In Wisconsin, I am legally qualified to officiate weddings as authorized by my Unitarian Universalist congregation at First Unitarian Society in Madison.  I have legally officiated out-of-state weddings from New York to Hawaii.  I have married dozens of couples.

Why I do this

Communication has always been my first love.  How do we connect with each other?  How do we fail to connect, even when we’re trying really really hard?  In school, I studied literature, education, psychology, philosophy.

The decision to marry is a high act of optimism in a world that really needs optimism.  It is a leap of faith into the unknown tomorrow.  I do this work in service of optimism.

I consider my work to be ‘ministry’ in its truest sense, meaning ‘to serve.’  I am not ordained, but, rather, am a lay minister authorized by First Unitarian Society to serve as a celebrant for rites of passage ceremonies such as weddings, memorials, and child dedications.  (Read more about ordination and religious requirements for officiants here.)

I do not have a religious agenda.  I have a values agenda.

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